Dwelling In Paradise — Kathleen Crow


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Chrystal Lynn Price thinks she is about to begin the first of several chemotherapy treatments after recovering from surgery for colon cancer. Instead, in the middle of her first infusion, she unexpectedly leaves her earthly life behind and begins an amazing new life in Paradise. Journey with her as she walks and talks with Jesus about the value of her earthly life, meets siblings who left earth before they were born, guides her mother to Heaven, and dialogues with a biblical character about the end times. Experience with her the Judgment Seat of Christ and the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Travel with her through space back to earth to reign with Christ during the Millennial age where she faithfully ministers to those last living mortals before Satan is ultimately defeated and cast into the Lake of Fire. Then, rejoice with her as she watches her Beloved Jesus create a new Heaven and a new earth for her and all His Redeemed to dwell in for all eternity.


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