Secrets For The Seeker — Dr. Bill Henderson




From the author:
This book contains my personal quest to be intimate with God to learn the secrets of his Kingdom and Will. These prayer secrets that I share in this book will absolutely revolutionize and reenergize your walk with God.”
Bill’s intimate walk with Jesus these past 40 years and the Truth he shares in this book will help anyone who desires to fulfill their God given destiny, a clear “road map” as to how to start their journey and finish well. I higjly recommend “Secrets For The Seeker” to all.”  — Mel Tari, Author, “Like A Mighty Rushing Wind”
Dr. Bill Henderson is a true, Kingdom warrior that has travelled around the world and fought many battles for the Lord. He has discovered the secrets of living in victory. This is a must-read book for any serious seeker of God!” — Kevin Stark, Team Xtreme, International 


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